What do I really need to smoke concentrate?

What do I really need to smoke concentrate?

Concentrates are highly potent extracts from the cannabis plant that impart a faster relief and heavier effect…

Take heart as we plunge into this new and exciting chapter of cannabis, it is safer than ever. Smoking concentrate is no longer the wild west, the scare over extraction methods and pesticides are not there anymore. Despite what brings you to cannabis it is part of an ever growing tapestry of improving the quality of life. Not just extending our lives or relieving pain, but giving us more enjoyment to our days. Back to our original question, what do I need to smoke concentrates? Although the short answer is a vape pen and cartridge, this is the easiest way to consume concentrate currently. Here at Dab Face we offer an array of flavors, including two cartridges for the perceptive palate who prefer the taste of flowers J-1 and OG Jack. This does limit you to cartridges though.


Your might ask what are concentrates? Let’s start here! Concentrates are highly potent extracts from the cannabis plant that impart a faster relief and heavier effect. Why smoke concentrates? That varies greatly for each of us. Some are suffering muscle spasms and the faster onset means faster relief from pain and discomfort. For others, it is more about our tolerance to flower that has built up over time and may make flower expensive for the amount we need to be useful, and not as effective as it once was. Either way smoking as with flower releases the THC/CBD for absorption in our lungs. Shatter, Crumble, Pull n’ Snap, Wax, and Oil all of these refer to the differing styles of concentrate. Currently available to patients and soon recreational smokers too. I know it is a lot of terminology, really all are concentrates made a little differently. For our purposes they are all full melt concentrates, it means they will not leave residue on your choice of gear. Smoking concentrate does require high temperature.

Fire Power

I saw you flinch when I pulled out that propane torch, I get it a little much for some smokers. It is not a required piece of equipment but is inexpensive. The other option for heat is something called an e-nail, short for electronic nail, these devices plug into the wall. An e-nail will keep your desired temperature for optimal dabbing. Dabbing is the slang term for smoking concentrate. They are expensive and not the complete package, just a piece. Pens I will get to these in just a minute as they are the least intimidating, however, some are fragile. Most coils do not last long, though they are inexpensive to replace.

Completing the Package

The full set up could include a water pipe, bong, or you can get full setup called a dab rig. If you get really into concentrates a dedicated piece is not a bad investment. For those that already have a preferred piece of glass for smoking flower, your current bong or water pipe may work with a few simple additions.

If you’re using a nail please be aware some places do sell glass nails, I never recommend these as they will shatter, they are not meant for the high heat. I tend to think about them like a place holder, the zero of the concentrate world. Just something there to show you a nail or bucket should go there. Titanium is a widely used metal in nails, ceramic is also very popular. I prefer a quartz bucket myself, but keep in mind that these options need heat from a butane or propane torch.


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