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Clean. Potent. Flavorful.

Comes in 12 vivid flavors

Dab Face Cartridge

Dab Face cannabis concentrate.

This concentrate is a solvent free extract, and it tests more than 90% THC.

Product Type: Medical Marijuana Concentrate

THC: 90%+

Method: Vaping, screw to our Dab Face battery pen

Weight: 0.5 gram honey oil in metal cartridge


Cotton Candy StrainCotton Candy

Harvest Apple StrainHarvest Apple


Juicy Fruit StrainJuicy Fruit*

Lemon Guru StrainLemon Guru

Melon Goo StrainMelon Goo*

*Featured Flavor

OG Jack StrainOG Jack

Orange Dream StrainOrange Dream


Silver Haze StrainSilver Haze

Strawberry Wild StrainStrawberry Wild

Wild Card



Product Contains Medical Cannabis

Do NOT Heat Metal Tip

Keep Away From Children

If Pregnant ask your Doctor before Consuming

Do NOT Operate Heavy Machinery

See full Disclaimer here

Age Verification 

Dab Face is a California based premium cannabis brand, that operates in accordance with state laws regarding access to cannabis. You must be at least 21 years old in order to enter this site.


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