Is Dabbing Dangerous?


Dabbing can seem overwhelming if you’re new to it, potentially even dangerous. Since dabbing, BHO and concentrates entered the mainstream of cannabis culture, they’ve been followed by a certain amount of controversy. Is dabbing safe? If you pay attention to the alarmist media, dabbing is filled with potential hazards and yet, countless people safely dab recreationally and medically. So how safe is dabbing actually? We are going to look at some of the potential dangers of dabbing, if they are legitimate, and if so how to avoid them.


Potential Hazards of Dabbing

Dabbing has gained nationwide attention. Thanks to a few less than positive new stories, most notably, stories of unscrupulous DIYers blowing their own homes up while trying to make their own BHO. Attempting to extract your own hash oils at home is extremely dangerous and stupid. The solvents used to extract concentrates, usually butane or propane, are hazardous and potentially explosive when not handled correctly. This is one danger that the media got right, but, it is easily avoided by leaving production to the professionals, like us at Dab Face.

Leftover Solvents

Solvents are another potential danger of dabbing that people worry about. In this case, not for their hazard in extraction, but fear that solvents were left behind in the production process and will end up in your lungs. Long term exposure to high concentrations of butane and other solvents is a potential health risk. This risk is eliminated by purchasing top grade, solvent free oils at a reputable dispensary. Any legally sold hash oils or waxes must legally be tested below 500 parts per million of any solvent in order to be sold as medicine. At this level, you inhale about as much butane dabbing as you would by sparking up a joint. Dab Face products undergo a rigorous extraction process for both purity and potency and our finished product is solvent free.

Where There’s Heat There’s Fire

Dabbing requires heat, most commonly in the form of a blow torch which is used to heat the nail. Some may be worried about using torches indoors because of potential fire risk. Those risks are minimal if you use a little common sense and don’t use the torch too close to any walls, cabinets or flammable materials. As a good rule of thumb, if you make sure that your rig is about three feet from anything flammable you should be perfectly safe.

dab rig

The only other thing to remember is that the nail, depending on material, will stay hot so don’t touch it right way! Ceramic nails are especially well known for their ability to store heat, so if you decide to use one be mindful of that! If you’re still a little squeamish about fire then consider an e-nail or vaping to avoid the torches all together. Electronic nails also allow you to set a precise temperature which makes them ideal for low temperature dabs.

 Too Powerful?

Dabbing detractors are quick to point out how potent concentrates are and many are concerned that waxes are too potent. They fear that your average user may end up ingesting far more THC in a quicker period of time than they are used to. Fortunately, there is little risk associated with high levels of cannabinoid consumption. So, if you were to bite off more than you can chew with a dab the worst case scenario would be paranoia, sleepiness, etc. As long as you don’t need to drive anywhere it’s a non-issue and is simply avoided by starting with a small dose. With Dab Face’s new Dab App, it’s easier than ever to start with a small dab to see how it affects you and work your way up!

Is dabbing dangerous? Not if you purchase pure, lab tested products like Dab Face from your local dispensary. Most of the risk associated with oil is in the production process or from buying bootleg products that aren’t lab tested. By buying top grade, lab tested products, from a dispensary you eliminate the dangers associated with dabbing. Just make sure to start out small and work your way up if you’re a new to dabs!


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