Be Extraordinary

There are just as many ways to lead an unusual life as there are people on the planet, and none are wrong. So, I’m certain you are all asking what makes me extraordinary? What makes a person remarkable is the same thing that makes each one of us weird, the only difference is the unique people own it. They talk about it all the time they spend every spare cent on it, and every spare second too. At Dab Face we want to free and liberate you to engage in your passions. Commit 100% to who you are, and to your weird and watch extraordinary things happen.

True Passions

Base jumping is not for everyone, but passionate living is. Seek that which makes you happy and do so regularly. Not sure what your passions are, try looking at the things you do every day, and examine these things, especially if you do these things without thinking about it first. Stop trying to make a successful career out of everything.

Do I like doing this? Is it interesting to me? Do I find myself talking about this a lot? Chances are you have a passion, which for whatever reason got buried.

Whether that is hanging ten or hanging out makes no difference. Only your commitment to making it an experience to remember makes the difference.  So, go ahead and be a domestic diva if that’s where you find your greatest joy. Make your home that cozy sanctuary everyone flocks to for comfort. We all need that friend when our lives are upside down, and we can’t stop stressing out. Six burners and a convection oven are foreign and frightening to some of us. Take a Dab, and make that seven layer Chocolate lasagna we applaud you, and happily eat the joyous results.

Extraordinary experiences come from different people

Do you often find others drawn in when you talk about your passion? Can you not help getting excited just thinking about it? That is a passion if it causes you to go out of your way or into situations others would avoid it’s a driving passion. It’s the same passion that brings snowboarders to the mountain, and surfers to the waves. Being driven is not a bad thing just a bit encompassing. It’s the same passion we have for concentrates.

Flavor is our passion, and we chase it every day. We aim for the extraordinary to inspire everyone to be the vivid, driven and intense. Who wants weak tea when they can have an orange dream, strawberry wild, cotton candy, or even lemon guru. Seek the flavors in your life and enjoy the supreme high of a flavorful Dab, and a flavor packed life.


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