Are Dabs Bad For You?

Dabbing is not that bad of all the kids hiding behind their elbow, or whatever that is. However, it is the newest way to consume your cannabis. I know all the terms for concentrate and equipment used to smoke it, is not exactly comforting, but it is not as dangerous as smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol. When you are ready to step up to a higher form of cannabis consumption, dabs are that next step. Cannabis concentrates are just as controversial as marijuana, if not more so, being strongly concentrated. Health & Safety is a confusing and often argued subject with little hard science due to the division, our government on one side and the smoking population on the other. Many want to find hard scientific evidence of the benefits and risks to their health. The truth is, we are not there yet.

Marijuana Concentrates

Dabs are a highly concentrated form of marijuana and are stronger than smoking flower. Being stronger does not make concentrates dangerous as some articles would lead you to believe. Keep in mind, to date the number of deaths from consuming any marijuana product is zero, this number includes concentrates. It is true that the manufacture of concentrates for dabbing uses butane or other solvents.

These solvents are then purged from the product, over many stages. Many concentrate companies had their products tested when the solvents became a huge health concern. These are the same labs that do the testing on the flower for mold, mildew, pesticides, and THC/CBD concentrations.


To date, there aren’t any long term tests on the effects of marijuana or marijuana concentrates. It is illegal to do these necessary and relevant tests in any recognized way without full government support. Currently, the government has marijuana classified as a schedule one drug, along with heroin and LSD.

Recently, a PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) study of marijuana’s effects begins. The National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA) in a government facility starts to grow marijuana for testing. After seeing the test material John Hopkins University chose to opt out, saying what they were provided with was poor quality and contaminated with mold. See more in the article on that here.

Marijuana has been a part of civilization since 2000 to 1400 B.C. when it appeared in the Hindu Vedas (Sacred texts). No reports for marijuana or dab smoking deaths in all this time without proper testing, or to this plant or its extracts. Dabbing began in California back in 2010, and we still have not had a concentrate smoking related death. We cannot say for certain that it does not contribute to any diseases, due to lack of testing.

More than a recreational issue

Other sources give us information on some of the hinted at health benefits. The best treatment for patients suffering from seizures seems to come from high-CBD, low-THC forms of cannabis, extracts or hash oil. Most of the information we have about the relief epileptics are experiencing, are from testimonials like these.. Unfortunate for all those that suffer medical conditions these studies are being blocked. So are dabs safe? The truth is dabs are safer than alcohol and safer than tobacco. Without studies we can’t show how it affects our health overall, including any potential benefits.


Alcohol is a killer.
 Number of alcoholic liver disease deaths: 19,388
 Number of alcohol-induced deaths, excluding accidents and homicides: 30,722

So here we are, at nearly 50,000 deaths and we have not included death by accident or homicide. These numbers are just 2016 in America, marijuana is safer.


Tobacco is a killer. Cigarette smoking kills more than 480,000 Americans each year, 41,000 of these are from second-hand smoke. Marijuana is safer than this as well.



Dabbing is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco, how much less harmful, and the prospective health benefits are as yet unknown. Currently, the legal status of cannabis is holding up testing. Most articles on the subject of health and concentrates focus on how dangerous the manufacture of dabbing concentrates is, I am not here to argue against that point at all. Most of these gasses are flammable and compressed, so please leave the manufacture to those with the proper equipment, experience, and training. I sincerely hope this helps put into perspective the risks associated with marijuana concentrates and dabbing.


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