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We love Fall for Halloween, scarves and pumpkin pie, spring has lots of pretty flowers and while we look forward to shredding in Tahoe each winter none of that compares to summer. Ice cream cones, floating down the river on a sweltering saturday, road trips along the coast and the plethora of music festivals that are absolutely stacked are just a few of the reasons why we love the summer months so much! We know our customers love festivals as much as we do so we’ve prepared a short list of essentials to help you guys get the most out of the season.pumpkins on Dab Face blog

Shelter, Food, Water

Other than oxygen, we need three basic things to survive: shelter, food, water. Even though you’re not trekking through the Sahara Desert or Antarctica you’ll want to make sure you have those basics covered so you don’t spend the entire festival tired, sunburnt and hangry. If you’re rolling with a group large tents can be appealing, but, to maximize privacy and minimize cost we suggest a basic two-person dome tent. You can pick one up at most department stores for about $35 and with minimal parts you can put one up or pack one up in under 5 minutes. Nights get chilly at most festival venues so make sure to bring a sleeping bag and blanket. That way you can layer at night for just the right sleeping temp while having a blanket to sit on during the day.

Collapsable water bottle is your best friend since you can easily stash it a bag, purse or fanny pack when not in use. Just make sure to make a mental note of where the watering holes are when you arrive and to fill up between sets. Most festivals have food vendors but they’re often swamped and overpriced. To keep your energy up and costs down we recommend packing a box of Clif Bars to munch on through the day. They’ll keep you going while barely taking up space in your day bag so you can stay in the action.

Flowtoys and Entertainment

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 The midnight sea of glowing LED hula-hoops, poi balls, and batons all add to the magical atmosphere at festivals. If you’re good at grooving with any of those things absolutely bring them, they make dancing even more fun and can be a great way to strike up conversation and meet people. You know what, even if you aren’t any good you should bring them and learn while you’re there. If you don’t like to dance or that’s not your style a polaroid camera can lead to all kinds of fun camp site shenanigans. In this day and age of digital everything taking an actual photo can be a very special way to save memories, especially the ones you don’t want online. A pack of playing cards is also a great idea, card games like King’s Cup are a tried and true method to get folks socializing back at the camp site.

The Little Things

They say life is about the little things and we agree, so here are a few small, easy to forget items that will make festival life better.

  • USB Battery Pack
  • Toothbrush and paste
  • Baby Wipes (aka make-up remover and a portable shower)
  • Prescribed Medications
  • Ear Plugs
  • Sunscreen and Aloe in case you missed a spot.

Festival Buddy

Festivals are fun with friends!  However, few things will ruin your time quicker than the wrong company. In our opinion there are three main traits to the perfect festival friends: openness to new experience, common sense and positivity. People with those three traits are going to be low hassle while keeping your vibe high and adventures rolling. If you don’t have anyone that fits the bill, don’t worry. Going it alone can be an even greater adventure and gives you a chance to let go of the expectations of others really explore who you are, this is especially true if you’re attending a transformational festival like Lightning in a Bottle.

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Don’t Forget Your Dab Face

We’ve covered the basics to keep your fed, fresh, entertained and in great company this festival season but there’s one essential on the list: Dab Face Cartridges. With how convenient our cartridges are we couldn’t imagine going to a festival without one. All of our oil is purified through the process of fractional distillation, like your favorite vodka, and then lab tested to ensure that your medicine is powerful. With multiple varieties like Lemon Guru and J1 we have a flavor and experience for everyone. Have fun this summer and don’t forget your Dab Face!


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