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Dab Chart- Recommended Starting Doses

Beginners      3mg – 5mg

Beginners start with a small amount using the Dab App you want a dot roughly the size of a pinhead.
Using a Dab wand use the pointed end and just cover the very end still about the dimension of a pinhead.

Social             10mg – 15mg

Social I know the temptation to be brave and take a huge Dab is ever present. However, you will earn more respect from not coughing then from taking a massive Dab and coughing for five minutes straight.If you can take two beginner dabs back to back, then move up to a finishing nail head amount about one and a half the size of a beginner Dab.

Moderate     15mg -25mg

Moderate dosing is enough to curve when using a Dab App not a full curl just a slight curve. If using a Dab wand cover the pointed tip until you have nearly an amount equal to two and a half beginner Dabs roughly a small nail head of concentrate or oil.

Seasoned      30mg – 40mg

Seasoned at this level, you will find that your Dab volume will vary between social and double a moderate amount. Even at this rank, a half gram may last up to a week depending on frequency.

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Ask The Expert

All things Dab Face

No worse than Tobacco or Alcohol, Actually better than both as consuming either of these is more lethal
than consuming any form of cannabis including dabs.

There are no long term studies yet as the schedule 1 status of marijuana prevents testing. However,
there have been no marijuana consumption deaths, ever.

Safer than both Alcohol and Tobacco. Begin with small doses when you first begin.

Unknown at this point but dabbing has been around since 2010 and no deaths have been reported

Happy, hungry and sleepy. The intense high feeling. Other than that unknown as we have no long term

Happy, hungry and sleepy. The intense high feeling. Other than that unknown as we have no long term

A marked reduction in fibromyalgia pain, epileptic seizures, insomnia, and chronic pain.

Concentrates are activated by high heat to release the THC/CBD into an inhalable form.

Sativa is a tall, loosely branched plant that grows long and narrow leaves.  Some of the plants can grow up to 20 feet.


  • Energetic
  • Stimulating Head High
  • Increased Focus
  • Creativity


  • Depression Aid
  • ADHD Aid
  • Appetite Aid
  • Stress Relief

Recommendation: Best for day use

J-1 is well known as a Sativa dominant Hybrid. This means it is a cross of Jack Herer and Skunk #1. Known
for the strong, clear headed, high-energy, uplifting effect and a sweet, skunk taste with an earthy

BHO- is Butane Hash Oil. The butane is purged, however, if it is not you will know by the radical
difference in the high. Butane is not meant for human consumption and that is why it is purged/
removed from the final product. The oil produced is a hash oil with no withdraw effects. If you have a
batch that has been improperly purged my recommendation is to return it to the dispensary. You do not
want to smoke improperly made hash oil.

If improperly stored it will dry out, however, that does not make it bad to smoke simply harder to
smoke. The less plant material in the oil the longer it will last as it is the plant material that breaks down

Dabs are stronger than weed without a doubt, however, they lack the plant material that is commonly
associated with carcinogens. This is another area in which we have no conclusive evidence either way as
a study would require federal clearance, which can’t be given for a schedule 1 drug.

Not in a fatal way like Alcohol or Tobacco. No deaths have been attributed to concentrates or dabbing.
We do not know the long term effects as dabbing has only been around for 7 years.

Unknown without more study.

Not in a fatal way like Alcohol or Tobacco. No deaths have been attributed to concentrates or dabbing.
We do not know the long term effects of smoking a concentrate of any type has only been around for 7

Shatters are typically the purest and cleanest form of the highly potent cannabis concentrates they tend
to be a translucent concentrate that can shatter into tiny pieces when cold and turn into a goopy mess
when warm.

Cannabis, the solvent used to break the bond between the THC/CBD to separate it from the rest of the
plant material is purged off at the end of the process. These solvents can be propane, butane or other
hydrocarbon gas though, they are rare in the finished product. Any concentrate company that tests their
product needs to have less than zero parts per million of the solvent for it to be available to patients.

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Dabbing Explained

A beginners guide to dabbing.

Dabbing is done differently depending on the rig being used.

Dab Pens

Load a dab of concentrate onto the coil or coils in the ceramic cup, from a dab tool or wand, that sits inside the globe. Most require you to remove the globe to access the coil(s). Not all pens use a coil some have a ceramic surface to put the dab onto. Once the concentrate is loaded, replace the globe, press and hold the button until the desired amount of smoke fills the globe chamber. Inhale smoke through the mouthpiece hold for a moment, exhale when ready.

Dab rigs with metal or ceramic nail

Many of these devices will be familiar to those that smoke flower. They tend to have a lower section that needs water, just like your bong. Make sure the water level is not too high or you will be drinking dab water. Attach the nail to the stem of the rig it goes in the spot the bowl would go on if this were a bong. Load a dab of concentrate onto a metal dab tool or wand, no I do not recommend glass as it can shatter. Use a torch to heat the nail for Titanium we are looking for a change in color or red hot. Ceramic doesn’t change color look for a semi-sweet smell coming off the ceramic, do not get too close to the hot ceramic. Wait to a count of between 30 and 45, this depends on how fast you count, then apply your dab to the surface of the nail. Replace the dome over the nail, inhale smoke hold for a moment, exhale when ready.

Please be aware this is for a basic set up and yours may have a percolator that may require water in an extra section these instructions are for base models only ask your glass retailer or provider if your new glass requires water in other sections before selecting it.

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