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Dab App

DabFace, Dab App Honey Oil Syringe. These high potency honey oil extracts are extracted using solvent free process and tested over 80% THC.

Dab Face applicators with Melon goo, Strawberry wild and wild card

Dab Cart

Solvent-free with a fresh clean flavor! Dab Face took it back to the lab to bring their award winning concentrates to cartridges.

Dab Face Cartridges

Dab Jar

Great tasting and solvent-free extract known for its record breaking potency levels and vivid flavors, paving the way in a whole new category of dabs.

Dab Face Jars with Lemon Guru, J1, and CBD


These high potency concentrates are extracted with solvent rinsing and vacuum-oven purging. You can dab it, vape it or mix it with your flowers.

Dab Face shatters

Potency & Purity

We make potent cannabis concentrates in mouth-watering flavors to give you that oomph you need to conquer your day! Whether you need a boost or an extreme chill, we got you covered. Intense, pure concentrates have never tasted so good. Go ahead, take a dab at what others are raving about.


Do Flavors Excite You?

Put a smile on that face when you get some of this goodness.

Great care goes into our artisanal process to craft the perfect blends of flavors and cannabis vigor, bringing forth the Dab Face products many have come to know and crave. It’s okay to salivate. We drooled a little too.


Age Verification 

Dab Face is a California based premium cannabis brand, that operates in accordance with state laws regarding access to cannabis. You must be at least 21 years old in order to enter this site.


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